How to fix a RAID array that has a puncture

How to fix a RAID array that has a puncture.


You can follow these steps to resolve the issue.

Warning: Following these steps will result in the loss of all data on the array. Please ensure you are prepared to restore from backup or other means prior to following these steps. Use caution so that following these steps does not impact any other arrays

1. Discard Preserved Cache (if it exists)

2. Clear foreign configurations (if any)

  1. Delete the array
  2. Shift the position of the drives by one (Move Disk 0 to slot 1, Disk 1 to slot 2, and Disk 2 to slot 0)
  3. Recreate the array as desired
  4. Perform a Full Initialization of the array (not a Fast Initialization)
  5. Perform a Check Consistency on the array

If the check consistency completes without errors, you can safely assume that the array is now healthy and the puncture is removed.