How to gather TTY logs using PercCLI tool

Steps to extract the TTY logs using the PercCLI tool.

  1. Download the PERC CLI utility from HERE
  1. Run the downloaded and file and extract it.

3. Extracted Files

4. Open Command Prompt as an Admin

5. To view installed PERC Cards, Type “perccli show all”.

6. Make a note of index number of your controller. In this example, it is 0.

7. Type “perccli /cX show termlog” where X stands for the controller index number.

8. Command to extract the logs to a txt file “perccli /c0 show termlog > termlog.txt”

9. The logs will be saved to the working directory. In this example C:\Users\Administrator

10. Browse the folder to open logs.

11. Extracted logs