How-To: Install & Assign RDS CALs on Windows 2012 R1/R2

How-To: Install & Assign RDS CALs on Windows 2012 R1/R2

1. Launch Remote Desktop Licensing Manager

2. Right-click the RDS server, click Activate Server

3. From “Welcome to the Activate Server Wizard”, click Next

4. Select the connection method, click Next

5. Enter company information, click Next

6. Enter company information cont., click Next

7. From “Completing the Activate Server Wizard”, check “Start Install Licenses Wizard now”, click Next

8. From “Welcome to the Install Licenses Wizard”, click Next

*Select the license program; there are instructions for both Open Licenses and Retail License Packs.
a. *For Open Licenses (a.k.a Volume Licenses), customer will receive an Email from Microsoft that includes the Authorization and License numbers.
b. *For Retail License Packs, customer will receive a card that has a 5×5 product key.

1a. Select “Open License”, click Next

2a. Enter Authorization and License numbers

3a. Select Product version, license type, and populate quantity, click Next

1b. Select “License Pack (Retail Purchase)”, click Next

2b. Enter the 5×5 license code, click Add, click Next

9. From “Completing the Install Licenses Wizard”, click Finish

10. RDS CALs should now be installed

11. Launch Server Manager, click “Remote Desktop Services”

12. Click the “Add” button for RD Licensing

13. Add the RDS server, click Next

14. Click Add

15. Click Close

16. From “Deployment Overview”, select Tasks, click “Edit Deployment Properties”

17. Select “RD Licensing”, select “Per User” or “Per Device”, click OK
*Per User if the customer purchased User CALs
*Per Device if the customer purchased Device CALs

18. Launch RD Licensing Diagnoser